Feedback from Attendees



"Very interesting to discuss topics with peers"

Alliance Director, Backbase


"Very interesting and educational to listen to the experiences of other professionals and different industries"

Alliances & JV Manager, International Energy Company


"It's a good opportunity to listen to speakers as they share their insights, the success stories and lessons learned about JVs and Strategic Alliances, especially in the context that it is seen as the vehicle of expanding a business through partnerships in the future"

Audit Manager, DP DHL


"The lessons learned from the other presentations were invaluable"

VP, IT & Systems

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"Well done. Very interesting to hear about alliances from different perspectives/industries"

Alliance Director, Technology Company


"Very interesting for the enthusiasm of speakers"

Management Consultant


"Really good forum to meet fellow professionals"

Global Multinational Organisation


"Excellent organisation"

Management Consultant


"Thank you for a very good and insightful conference, it was a pleasure to meet a group of professionals truly interested in the topic"

Senior Associate, Carnegie Consult


"The event was tremendously sucessful thanks to the excellent array of speakers, the quality of their presentations, the management of the 2 days by the host / sponsor from KPMG, and the relevance of the topic to the work of everyone there"

Managing Director, Pritchett LP


Alliances & Joint Ventures photos, Nov 18-19, 2013